Get the Perfect Residential Dumpster For Rent in Brook Park, Ohio for Your Home

Moving into a new home in Brook Park can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with a lot of work. One of the biggest jobs to tackle when moving is getting rid of all your old junk. Whether you are doing a full remodel or just cleaning up, you need an easy way to get rid of all the unwanted items in your home.

That’s where residential dumpsters come in! With Cuyahoga Dumpsters, you can find the perfect size dumpster for your home and have it delivered right to your door. But before you call us to rent a dumpster, it's important to understand the different types of residential dumpsters that are available.

We know that it can be difficult to get rid of large items, so let us take care of it for you. All you have to do is call us and we will deliver the dumpster right to your door. You can then fill it up with as much trash as you want and we will take it away for you. It’s that easy!


Types of Residential Dumpsters

There are typically two types of residential dumpsters: front-loading and rear-loading.


Front-Loading Dumpsters

Front loading dumpsters can be used on driveways, streets, or alleys since they are accessible from the front by an automated arm that lifts and empties them into a truck below. They provide convenience and ease when accessing tight spaces or narrow areas with limited access.


Rear-Loading Dumpster

Rear loading dumpsters are larger than front loading units and typically range from 5-30 cubic yards. They’re perfect for larger projects like construction sites or commercial cleanouts. Unlike front loading units, rear loading units do not have arms and must be loaded from the back with a forklift or crane. Rear loading units also require more space since they cannot be maneuvered as easily as front loaders.

Both types of dumpsters can usually be emptied by lifting them into the air with a crane or similar device and then dumping their contents onto a truck or other vehicle for disposal elsewhere

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Do you have any questions regarding our services? Feel free to contact us. Here are the answers to a few we were been asked frequently.

Residential Dumpsters

What is the cost of a residential dumpster rental service in Brook Park, Ohio?

The cost of a residential dumpster can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, type, location and duration of rental. Generally speaking, the average cost of renting a residential dumpster typically ranges anywhere from $400 to $800+ per week.

Residential Dumpsters

If I rent a residential dumpster, how long can I keep it?

Generally speaking, when renting a residential dumpster from Cuyahoga dumpsters in Brook Park, we offer a 7-14-day rental period depending on availability. You may be able to extend the time for an additional fee, or you can inquire about longer term options such as monthly rentals which may also be available.

Residential Dumpsters

What items do you place in a residential dumpster rental?

Residential dumpster rentals are perfect for a variety of items, including construction debris, moving boxes and packing materials, furniture and appliances, renovation materials such as drywall and plaster, yard waste such as grass clippings and branches, old clothing or linens that have been discarded by tenants or business owners.

Any other item that is non-hazardous can be disposed of in a residential dumpster rental. For example: books/magazines/newspapers; carpeting and padding; electronics (TVs or computers); flooring tiles; mattresses; office equipment (desks/chairs); paint cans with dried paint; pantry items like canned food or spices.

Residential Dumpsters

Is there anything that cannot be disposed of in a residential dumpster?

There are some items that should not be placed in residential dumpsters as they can be hazardous to the environment and create a fire risk or health hazard, such as: large appliances, paint cans or other containers with flammable materials still inside them (such as car/truck batteries), household chemicals/cleaners/pesticides, any medical waste such as needles or sharps (please use special disposal containers for these), wood pallets (these can attract vermin), pollutants like oil and grease, electronic equipment (including computer monitors. TVs).

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